Long Single Mattress One Corner


IT CAN BE USED FOR Caravans, motorhomes, Narrowboats, Van conversions, camper vans, and so on.
Made with Springs.

Max Sizes: Length A 36″ and Length B 79″.
Prices from just £85.00.

Also available with additional memory foam.

Max 36"
Max 79".
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ECONOMY hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 7” deep. Similar to the Budget but with extra padding. Pattern fabric in blue check.  Available for a shaped mattress.  Colour may vary.

MURPHY mattress. Sprung. 8” deep. This is a good quality mattress at a realistic price. It is medium comfort and a favourite for the shaped mattress and everyday use. Pattern blue pattern fabric.

SWIFT hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 8.5” deep in a pale blue damask material. A lovely quality mattress for everyday use. Again ideal for a shaped mattress. Medium to firm in comfort with extra padding.

SEMI ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a lovely white quilted material. This is an excellent quality mattress medium to firm in comfort, firmer than the Swift. Again ideal for a shaped mattress and everyday use

ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a cream damask material. It is excellent quality. This is a firm mattress for everyday use and again can be used for a shaped mattress.