Single Rectangular Mattress


IT CAN BE USED FOR Caravans, motorhomes, Narrowboats, Van conversions, camper vans, and so on.

Max Sizes: Length A 36″ and Length B 75″. Prices from just £45.00.

Available as a sprung mattress or as a foam mattress.

Max 36"
Max 75".
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BUDGET mattress. This is a sprung mattress. 6” deep. Ideally to be used for children or occasional use.  Pattern fabric in blue check. Colour may vary.

ECONOMY hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 7” deep. Similar to the Budget but with extra padding. Pattern fabric in blue check.  Available for a shaped mattress.  Colour may vary.

MURPHY mattress. Sprung. 8” deep. This is a good quality mattress at a realistic price. It is medium comfort and a favourite for the shaped mattress and everyday use. Pattern blue pattern fabric.

SWIFT hand tufted mattress. Sprung. 8.5” deep in a pale blue damask material. A lovely quality mattress for everyday use. Again ideal for a shaped mattress. Medium to firm in comfort with extra padding.

SEMI ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a lovely white quilted material. This is an excellent quality mattress medium to firm in comfort, firmer than the Swift. Again ideal for a shaped mattress and everyday use

ORTHOPAEDIC  mattress. Sprung. 9” deep in a cream damask material. It is excellent quality. This is a firm mattress for everyday use and again can be used for a shaped mattress.