Custom Narrow Boat Mattresses

Sleep on a boating holiday is as important and you need a quality narrow boat mattress. Holidays or short breaks always involve using up a considerable expenditure of energy. that should be restored with healthy sleep. A good nights sleep onboard will keep you energized and in a good mood. 

After all, what kind of holiday on the water would it be without relaxation? For this reason, the boat’s interior spaces used for night rest, particularly the cabins, should be comfortable, dry, and healthy to allow guests, boat owners and crew to sleep comfortably on the boat. The main aid to this is having a decent narrow boat mattress.

A narrowboat is one of the most popular vessels you can cruise in. You should also create the perfect sleeping environment in this kind of vessel. One of the best ways to go about this is by choosing the right mattress. You can get the best custom-made mattresses for narrowboats from us, that will make your vessel more comfortable.  

Why Choose a Custom Mattress for Your Narrowboat

Normally, we can find all kinds of width and length measurements for different mattresses in a mattress store. It is more and more common to see king-size mattresses, wider and longer than the usual double beds. Even twin beds that imitate this measure but are composed of mattresses or even independent box springs.

There are so many options when it comes to custom mattresses. The length and width of a mattress can normally be changed. Changing its thickness may also be necessary, depending on where the bed is placed. You can get custom-made mattresses that meet your needs, with the measurements you request for the mattress’s length, width, and thickness.

Especially in the case of narrowboats, it can be very difficult to add a bed to one of the cabins. This is why you should opt for mattresses, even asymmetric or with specific angles because the space for the bed is often reduced. Perhaps a vertical split mattress or similar, or mattresses for narrowboat bunk beds. Whatever you need we can create the perfect mattress for your boat.

What is a Good Narrowboat Mattress?

A bad mattress can really disrupt your sleep. The secret is to choose a mattress that supports your body well and stimulates your natural movements while you sleep. You will sleep like an angel.

Do not have a mattress that is too hard. You will have the feeling of sleeping on a board and never finding the right position; you will feel pain and tingling in your arms and legs, you will move more and disrupt your deep sleep.

A too-soft mattress is not good either you will sink into it and see the feeling of sleeping in a hammock. If it is not well supported, your body will not recover, and you will be tired when you wake up.

A mattress that is too slow or without resilience is also not recommended because it prevents your natural movements at night. You have to use too much energy to turn around, and when you wake up, you are exhausted.

We turn around 30 to 60 times a night, so choosing a mattress that helps the sleeper move: an active mattress is advisable. So choose a latex mattress over a mattress with a latex core. Your spine maintains its natural alignment. You are always in a good position, and you can move thanks to the support and elasticity of the latex freely.

Your joints and muscles keep all their flexibility while sleeping on a decent mattress. You are guaranteed to wake up feeling great. You sleep better, much better, and naturally on a custom made mattress.

Choosing the Right Custom Size Mattress for Your Narrowboat

This will most likely depend on your boat. Different narrowboats have different interior finishes. You should take the correct measurements of the sleeping points in your boat to know the perfect size of mattress for your narrowboat.

Contacting experts like ourselves is essential in this case because they will take the appropriate measurements. Custom Made Mattress manufacturers are the best to reach out to if you want something perfect for your boat. 

How to Order our Made to Measure Narrowboat Matttress?

Visit our online shop or contact us for more information about how to order your made to measure mattress. We cater for all sizes and shapes, all you need to do is provide us with the measurements of your bed and we’ll do the rest!

With the perfect custom-made mattress for your narrowboat, you will have a comfortable sleeping experience when onboard.